Acom was found in 1995 which is estibolished by a team of computer system programmer and computer system engineer. Both of us have over ten years of experience on modern computer system . Most of us start their first personal computer on Apple IIe. By the time go by , we grow up our knowlegde and accumulate our experience . Nowadays, most of us are MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) , CNE ( Certified Network Engineer ) , MCP (Microsoft Cerritied Professional ) .......... . We understood what the need of our clients . We can provide Qualified and Quality Services to our clients .

Being a One Stop WebSite Hosting Services professional company, we target on providing Quick, Qualified and Quality Services for those who want to establish their website or related business on the Internet. Our flexibility and tailor made service plan must meet your business need. Let's grow hand in hand within the world of Internet.